Brian's skated an unbelievable number of programs over the years. Now we're going to start featuring some of those performances here. Our goal is to try and choose three performances to feature each month. We'll keep the previous versions up as long as disk space will allow.

"King of Kings"
1984 Olympics
A breakout performance by Brian that brought him to the attention of more fans worldwide. As one of the best free skaters of his time, with this program in Sarajevo Brian took his first Olympic silver medal.

1987 World Championships
Brian takes the step to the top of the Worlds podium with this incredible performance.

"The Bolt"
1988 Olympics
The famous 'Battle of the Brians' in Calgary. Brian skated an electric long program and with it took his second Olympic silver medal.

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
1998 Skating Free
One of Brian's more unique costumes, this number is from his first skating special after turning pro. Something you see once and never forget again.

"Up on the Roof"
1991 Night Moves
A classic Brian ballad, this program is done on a set that looks like a rooftop.

"Shakin' My Blues Away"
1995 Blame It On The Blues
It's not everyone who can match their skating skills with a crocodile! But no one can stand up to Brian's footwork.

"Somewhere in Time"
2001 Canadian Open
Brian's first win of a pro-am competition as a professional. Brian was the oldest skater in the field and beat out younger skaters such as Kurt Browning and Todd Eldredge. This program is a review of the history of skating starting with figures.

"Swing, Swing, Swing"
1998 Masters of Figure Skating
The first of the ISU Open series where Brian faced off against the eligible skaters fresh off the 1998 Olympic Games. With this stellar short program he finished ahead of reigning gold mesalist Ilia Kulik.

"Against All Odds"
2000 Hershey's Kisses Pro-Am
Brian came in second against Todd Eldredge with this number, but it still shows that the senior pros can give a performance that's worthy of the best of them.

"Lassiter / Harlem Nocturne"
1989 From the Heart
One of Brian's first professional programs, it featured a well planned theme program with phenomenal charisma. The program shows that Brian would be a creative force on the pro scene.

"Story of My Life"
1997 Great Skate Debate
No video premiere would be complete without a version of this program. Choosing one was a toughie, so many are great.

with Tommy Tune
2001 Kurt Browning's Gotta Skate
One of the premiere programs of Brian's this one is always a fan favorite. performed only once, it featured a duet with Tommy Tune. Brian and Tommy worked for tirelessly to get the choreography to match and it was a smashing success.