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Quotes About Brian

"Brian Orser, sixth for Canada, left an indelible impression by the ease of his jumping and, most of all, when the new roof seemed to tremble as he became the second man to accomplish a triple axel in a world championship. ... landing on a sweetly smooth running edge."
-Howard Bass, Skating Magazine 5/81

"He stood out. One thing he had was speed... The moves he did were very explosive, the action was very quick. He would be just like a colt flying out of a barn"
- Doug Leigh, Sport Report, March 1985

"We are still rivals on the ice, but we cheer and root for one another. When we go out for warm-up and say 'good-luck,' you can tell who really means it. With Brian it comes straight from the heart. It doesn't matter who wins, as long as we both do well."
-Joe Sabovchik, American Skating World 11/85

"He uses the skill to express and share Brian Orser, and nobody else is doing that. And the audience feels he is their friend. ... He understands what makes people tick because he's so sensitive to other people's feelings. So he knows what reaction he's going to get."

"From the first time I met him, I knew there was something very special buried deep inside, something that drove me to him right away. He was the first person I worked with who shared my passion for excellence."
-Uschi Keszler, Tracings, 1987

"Good looking young man and of course, a wonderful skater."

-Dick Button, Tour of World Champions, 4/87

"Brian is the greatest thing to happen to us since sliced bread... he would be the perfect champion"
-David Dore, MVP, 4/87

"Orser on ice is addictive - smooth and fluid, yet strong."
-Linda Aisenberg, MVP, 4/87

"There are things I see in him that I think I would love to be able to do, but it isn't me."
-Brian Boitano, MVP, 4/87

"Brian Orser is pure magic"
-Johnny Esaw, Canadian Nationals, 1988

"There are only so many skaters like Brian Orser. Nobody is going to just step into his shoes."
-Kurt Browning, TG Magazine, 1988

"Orser was the second person to do the triple axel in worlds (1981) and he did it in such a way as to earn him the name 'Mr. Triple Axel.' Thereafter everyone wanted to see him do it."

-Alexandra Stevenson, Tracings, 5/88

"Brian gave such strong leadership for so long. We all knew if anyone wanted to make it in the sport in Canada, his level - world class - was what you had to shoot for."

-Norm Proft, Slam! Sports, 2/12/90

"Brian Orser was the perfect athlete. There's no question he was a tremendous role model in the '80s."

-David Dore, Slam! Sports, 2/12/90

"I watch Brian Orser skate and he's so good, and he'll go out every night and give 100%"

-Scott Hamilton, Blades on Ice, Winter 1992.

"All through my career I've been so lucky to have someone to look up to, someone to follow. He's consistent. He's taught me so much without once havinbg sat me down and say anything. He's just an amazing role model. A great friend. and a great skater.
-Kurt Browning, Canadian Stars on Ice May 1995

"Sometimes skaters gradually fade from the public's mind once they retire from competition. Then there are others who whenever they step on the ice continue to stop the show, the same way they did when they were still winning medals."

-Isabelle Brasseur, Dreams on Ice 1995

"The blues have always been an area of interest to this former Canadian Champion and not many skaters can perform to them as well as Brian Orser"

-Peter Carruthers, Holiday Festival On Ice 1995

"He still is my hero, and, I mean I grew up watching Brian in training and training with him. He's a great person and that will never change.
-Elvis Stojko, Canadian Open 12/1998

"He's a legend in his own time"

-Peter Carruthers, Canadian Open 12/99

"I remember the first time I saw Brian do a triple axel - the thing covers the whole rink!"

-Paul Wylie, Grand Slam, 9/00

"I continued a legacy of great skating from this country and I was able to capitalize on the reputation of the Canadian skaters that came before me. I especially mean Brian Orser."

-Kurt Browning iskater.com, 5/01

"This, however, was a night to celebrate Orser..."

-Slam! Skating, Canadian Open 12/2/01

"Whatever Brian Orser did, he did with style. Style and class will forever be the legacy Brian Orser leaves behind in the sport"

-Tracy Wilson, Canadian Open 2001, TNT

"He is a role model, a leader and an inspiration to all of us. He arrives at every practice with 100% energy and he performs every performance with passion"
-Sandra Bezic, Canadian Stars On Ice May 2002

"All through my career I've been so lucky to have someone to look up to, someone to follow, Brian Orser has taught me so much without once having sat me down to say anything. He's just an amazing role model, a great friend, and a great skater."
-Kurt Browning, London Free Press 12/12/06
Quotes By Brian

"When people watch figure skating on TV, they want to enjoy it. That's all I want to show them, and that's what I'm working for"

-Sport Report, March 1985

"Whenever I see a clean piece of ice, when it's nice ice, I just get the urge to skate figures."

-American Skating World, June 1990

"I'm not convinced there is any consecutive five minutes in sport as lonely as a competitive figure skating program"

-Superstars on Ice, 1997

"They were standing for my skating. In other years, they might have been standing just because I was Brian Orser. That felt cool."

-Canadian Open The Toronto Star, 12/5/99

"I know what it's like to dedicate yourself to a sport and to balance the demands of training with other activities in your life. It can be a real challenge. It's important to stick to your goals and never give up."

-Winter Achievers, 1/19/00

"I knew from the second I stepped on the ice in practice that a lot of people were watching me and taking notice. That felt good and I just turned it on."

-International Figure Skating 6/00, on Goodwill Games

"I love to skate, I love to perform and I love to do it well."

-Grand Slam of Figure Skating, 9/00

"I kind of represent the old school of skating, with a lot about edges and turns and control, which seems to be a lost art these days."

-TSN 3/15/01

"Imagine that, I actually won a competition because of school figures. There's some irony in that."

-Slam! Skating, Canadian Open 12/2/01

"I don't think people realize how much work it is. For the tour I'm heading out on [Celebration on ICe 2005] I have to pick all the music, do all the editing, pick costumes, and look after every detail. I have to make it all happen... I always say I'll never do it again, but then we open the show and I'm proud of the product."

-Blades on Ice, October 2005

"I like the feeling of flying. I like to defy gravity."

-Community Press Online, 03/13/06

"It would have been great for me," he said. "I was all about transitions and footwork and connecting steps and spins."

-On Code of Points, Slam! Sports, 12/11/06

"The things that make my heart bigger are when I think of those times with my friends.

-Toronto Star, 03/19/07

"If you'd asked me (to coach) five years ago, I'd say there was absolutely no way I'm going to put up with kids like me," he said, laughing. "Now, I am."

-Toronto Star, 03/19/07

"I’m so blessed to have such talented skaters that believe in me and believe in my team and believe in themselves,” he said. “They work hard. And they love skating. That’s important. They love to compete. So they have all the tools."

-Yahoo! Sports, 03/26/2016

Reflecting on why he loved skating as a kid... "I just like to go fast and I loved being on the ice (playing) around with different manoeuvres and perhaps show-off a little bit. So I just liked the speed of it. The freedom of skating,” he said. "
-Simco.com, 06/03/2019