When Brian first entered the senior ranks as an eligible he was known mainly as a technical skater - he had the jumps and that was about all. When he teamed up with Uschi Keszler in 1981 a whole new skater emerged - one known for his artistry even more than his amazing triples. As a professional Brian has worked with choreographers all over the world and each has added to Brian. With such a great background, it's no wonder that Brian's first forays beyond being a skater has been choreography. He's done a wide range of solo and group numbers.

Solo Choreography

Khong & Khong, Free Dance (2007)

Jennifer Robinson, Exhibition, "I Want You To Want Me" (2005)

Chenjiang Li, Long Program, "Legend of Glass Mountain" (2003-04 season)

Min Zhang, Long Program, "Danse Macabre" (2003-04 season)

Shawn Sawyer, Short Program, "Cirque du Soleil" (2003-04 season)

Katia Gordeeva & Daria Grinkova, Exhibition, "Hey Baby (Will You Be My Girl)" (2003)

Takeshi Honda, Interpretive Free/Exhibition, "Moulin Rouge" (2002-2003 season)

Jennifer Robinson, Interpretive Free/Exhibition, "Teach Me, Tiger" (2002-2003 season)

Shawn Sawyer, Long Program, "Spartacus" (2002-03 season)

Elvis Stojko, long program, "Gladiator" (2000-01 season - Brian's version never skated)

Group Choreography

Skate for the Heart (asst.) (2007)

Holiday Festival on Ice (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007)

Sarah Hughes & Friends (2005)

Earth, Wind & Fire, Tribute on Ice (2005)

Kurt Browning's Gotta Skate (asst.) (2005)

Tribute to the Movies (2005)

Celebration on Ice, Spring tour (2005, 2006)

Enjoy the Stars (2004)

Andrea Bocelli Tribute on Ice, "Dell'Amore Non Si Sa" (Finale) (2004)

Kurt Browning's Gotta Skate, (asst) (2004)

Celebration on Ice, Xmas tour (2003, 2004, 2005)

Bourne & Kraatz: A Homecoming (2003)

Scott Hamilton & Friends, "Chopsticks", "Accentuate the Positive" (2003)

Hallmark Skating Showcase (May 2003)

Skate the Nation, tour (2002)

City of Newmarket 200 Anniversary Show (2001)

Skate the Nation, tour (2001)